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Latest Ohio Guild List & neighboring states


Algonquin Spinners

Contact Dave Lewis at: del2sd@phsbio.stark.k12.OH.US

or Nancy Ganyard at: nganyard@att.net

Canal Spinning and Weaving Guild

Contact Lori Barkey at: barkey@clover.net

Canton Weaving & Spinning Guild

Contact Nancy (newsletter) at: ngdavenport@cannet.com

Central Ohio Weavers Guild

Contact:  info@cowg.org

http://cowg.org or www.cowg.org


Cleveland West Weavers

Contact Kathie Roig at: kmroig@att.net

Crooked River Knitters Guild

Contact President Marion DeBrosse at: MRDebrosse@cs.com

Cuyahoga Spinners Guild

Contact Lorrie Holzbach at: HolzbachL@aol.com

Cuyahoga Weavers Guild

Contact President Elly Rose at: elmelrose@aol.com

Uarda Taylor at: uarda@ncweb.com

Dayton Knitting Guild

Contact President Barbara Richardson at: jrichar854@aol.com

East Ohio Handweavers

Contact Donna Bonchin at:  weaverdb@aol.com


Fleece and Flax (North Royalton)

Contact Joyce Jones at: jjones209@att.net

Heart of Ohio Basketweavers

Contact Karen Wheeler at: KAWBASKETS@aol.com

First Friday Spinners (Berea)

Contact Fran Shuck at: RRShucks@aol.com

Lorain County Spinners & Weavers Guild

Contact Pat Geisler at: spin9r@aol.com

Workshop Coordinator is Beth Hines at: Sheep@aol.com

Malabar Farm Spinning & Weaving Guild

Contact Sally Rickel at: srickel@webtv.net

Nancy Ganyard (Ohio Fiber Network): nganyard@sssnet.com

Kent Weavers & Spinning Guild

Contact Priscilla Lilly at: rlilly@kentvm.kent.edu

Medina Spinning & Weaving Guild

Contact: Nancy Page Guild website:


Northcoast Knitting Guild - Cleveland, OH


Contact: President: Judy Gerson
Ohio Hills Spinners & Weavers Guild (Cambridge)

Contact Susan Sherby at: bestcontruct@byesville.net

Mid-Ohio Knitting Guild

Contact Eileen Mehl at: emehl@columbus.rr.com

Website: http://www.geocities.com/columbus_mokg

Pioneer Fibercrafters Guild

c/o Campus Martius Museum (Marietta)

Contact Denise Vandenberg at: advandenberg@citynet.net

Western Reserve Guild (Ashtabula)

Contact Uarda Taylor at: uarda@ncweb.com

Western Reserve Knitting Guild (Lisbon)

Contact Kay Thompson at: Knitwit@raex.com

Toledo Area Weavers Guild

Contact Susan Dignam at: sddignam@worldnet.att.net

Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati

Website: http://www.weaversguildcincinnati.org

Weavers Guild of Miami Valley (Yellow Springs)

Contact Lois Pelekoudas at: lmpelekoudas@erinet.com

Handweaving Guild of Wooster

Contact Susan Sivey at: noahwool@bright.net

Youngstown Area Weavers Guild

Contact Marion Switala at: angel@epohi.com

Neighboring States


SWIFT Indiana Fiber Guild



MLH Michigan League of Handweavers